Things to Keep in mind
while styling your coffee table.

Balance is Key

To keep your coffee table balanced, vary the scale of display items and stack or group similar objects together.

Make a Grid

If you have large coffee table, divide your table into 4 sections to form a grid and position objects within the squares.

This helps compartmentalize your  styling and makes the entire task less intimidating.

Get High and Get Low

When all items are at the same eye level, nothing gets noticed.

To create a more eye-catching vinette, vary the height and scale of your coffee table’s decorative objects.

Use a Tray

A tray serves both a practical and stylish purpose by showcasing your favorite small finds while also making them easily removable should you need to clear the surface for entertaining.

A tray is also useful for giving structure and symmetry to a freeform table, anchoring tabletop items that might otherwise feel like they’re ‘floating’.

Make it Personal

Let the objects on your coffee table tell a story about your passions and memories.

A grouping of sea shells collected from a memorable vacatiob, hand-me-down fingurines or roses snipped from your own garden are all great ways to give your living room’s decor a personal twist.

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