How to set-up
an ideal

The Occasion Matters

Whether you are celebrating a birthday,
an anniversary, or just a small family gathering,
your dining table set-up should be occasion appropriate
Consider the number of guests you are hosting;
if it’s too many for one table, you can always move
the chairs away and set the table up like a mini buffet.

Dinnerware is key

The dinnerware or china adds to the overall
aesthetic of the dining table.Pick the color, pattern, and even material that works perfectly with your dining space. You can even mix and match to an extent to add a variety of shades and textures.

Keep Experimenting

Elaborating on the previous point, consider mixing and matching with the elements on your dining table. This will make it feel more like home and less like a formal restaurant. Mix different patterns, colors, materials, prints, keep things interesting.

Have a Centerpiece

A centerpiece of the table is the highlight of the entire space. It could be a nice flower arrangement, A bunch of candles, or even a bottle of Champagne, depending on the occasion. Just make sure it doesn’t come in anyone’s way, and you’re good to go.

Add a pop of color

You can add these by picking bright dinnerware, napkins, or accessorizing with candlestands or flowers. Such elements add life to an otherwise dull set-up

Don’t Forget about
the fabrics

Tablecloths, Tablemats, runners, and napkins
contribute a lot to the aesthetic of the dining space.
They are the backdrops to the main attraction and should
be complimentary. Use them to add pops of colors and
interesting textures to your dining table.

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