Here’s What you should
Keep in mind while decorating
your living room.

Designate a Focal Point

Your room’s focal ponit is where people’s
eyes will fall when they first walk
into your room.

Find your Color palette

Whether you are into a monochromatic style or
you want to tie in a few complementary colors,
your color scheme ia akey feature to cultivating
a seamless living room asthetic.

Be Stylish but Be Practical

It’s okay to want a dazzling space, but you also
have to live in it. Hence it is important to ensure
your room not only works for your tastes but
also for your lifestyle.

Mess around with Cushions
and Pillows

Pillows are another way to bring in
color, pattern and texture.Try having funĀ 
When picking them out.

Encourage Conversations.

Living rooms are gathering spaces, so use
furniture arrangement to encourage conversation
and interaction. Pull seating pieces away from the
walls and arrange them to face each other.

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